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Dear colleagues,
We are excited to announce the launch of Radiologists, a podcast by University Medical Imaging Toronto (UMIT) where will share our thoughts on the most interesting topics through the lens of Canada’s largest medical imaging department.

The episodes will be released monthly with a different guest. We invite you to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Also, we would love it if you recommend Radiologists to your peers and leave us your comments!


Change of Course: From Neurosurgery to Radiology

This episode of Radiologists features Dr. Alexandre Boutet, a neuroradiologist who has recently joined our team.

Dr. Boutet shares the incredible story of his transition from neurosurgery to radiology: a story of passion and the pursuit of one’s true calling.


Radiology Fellowships in Canada

Tune into this new episode of Radiologists to gain exclusive insights from Dr. Mini Pakkal, the Medical Imaging Fellowship Program Director at the University of Toronto, Canada’s largest fellowship program. We talk about the reasons behind doing a radiology fellowship, how to choose a program, how to stand out from applicants in the most competitive programs and why Toronto is the place to be in to further your radiology expertise – and more!


AI in Radiology

Although AI has long been associated with science fiction, in recent years, it has become a groundbreaking reality with the potential to transform health care.

In this episode, we’re going to dive deep into how AI is reshaping the radiology landscape, its short- and long-term impact on the field, how we, as radiologists, need to adapt and what skills we need to add to our toolbox, and most importantly – do we have job security?

All about this and more in this episode of Radiologists with our guest, Dr. Masoom Haider, a professor in the department of medical imaging at the University of Toronto, a clinician scientist at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research, the Director of Sinai Health Research MRI and the Head of Radiomics and Machine Learning Lab at Sinai Health System in Toronto.


New Ways of Teaching Medical Imaging

The Radiologists studio welcomes Dr. Eric Bartlett, an Associate Professor, staff neuroradiologist of the Head and Neck section with the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) in Toronto and the Lead for JDMI education.

The need for innovative approaches, gamification of education for an engaging and interactive learning environment, how Dr. Bartlett has been revolutionizing medical imaging education to make it easier for the next generations of radiologists – about all of this and more in this episode of our podcast.


ChatGPT and the Future of Radiology

Will ChatGPT revolutionize our approach to medical imaging or has it already started shaping a new era of radiological excellence?

Dr. Rajesh Bhayana, Director of Technology in the Joint Department of Medical Imaging in Toronto sits down with the Radiologists host Satheesh Krishna to talk about this fastest growing consumer application in history and its application in radiology.


Looking back: Interview with the Father of Functional MRI of Canada

Dr. David Mikulis, director of the JDMI Functional Neuroimaging Lab at UHN and University of Toronto, who is fondly regarded as the father of functional MRI of Canada, has retired recently. In this episode of Radiologists, he is looking back on his incredible career and shares his story on how he chose neuroradiology and how his mentors helped him choose the right path, why meeting his wife was his biggest achievement, why he moved to Canada from the US, the biggest advances we can expect in the field of radiology, and so much more! Listen to this engaging discussion with our host Satheesh Krishna.


Why Canada is Perfect for Radiologists

Why Canada is such an amazing place for radiologists to be in, what it has to offer to radiologists coming here from around the world, the work-life balance and so much more! Listen to this engaging episode featuring Dr. Ania Kielar, the next president of the Canadian Association of Radiologists, and our host Satheesh Krishna.


Women in Radiology

In this special episode dedicated to the International Women’s Day, the Radiologists’ studio welcomes Dr. Kate Hanneman, an Associate Professor and a cardiothoracic radiologist at the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) in Toronto. She has an appointment at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at the University Health Network (UHN) and is also the Site Director of  Women’s College Hospital. Today, we talk about Women in Radiology: their challenges, if gender bias and wage gap is a myth or an epidemic, if radiology is the right career destination for female medical students and if women are better doctors than men. All about this and more in episode 5 of our podcast!


Navigating Early Career in Radiology

The Radiologists host Dr. Satheesh Krishna is joined in his studio by Dr. Xiaoyang Liu, an abdominal radiologist, assistant professor and a clinician-investigator who has recently joined the Joint Department of Medical Imaging as a full-time staff member. The topic of this episode is early career in radiology: challenges, tips, the role of mentorship, how to balance between work and family, and so much more!


Imaging Technologist: Key Role in Patient Care

The Radiologists studio welcomes Doug Hussey, a PET/CT technologist who has been working at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in the Joint Department of Medical Imaging in Toronto for 14 years. How one becomes an imaging technologist, the challenges and rewards of this profession, supporting patients at their most vulnerable times and building trustful relationship with them to make their hospital experience smoother and images better — all of this and more is the topic of this episode.


The Radiologist Becomes the Patient

The Radiologists studio welcomes Dr. Bernd Wintersperger, a cardiovascular/cardiothoracic radiologist at the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) in Toronto. Dr. Wintersperger shares his experience of being on the receiving end of medical care and being a patient of his own colleagues, and how such experience has changed his perspective on providing patient care. All of this and more is the topic of Episode 2 of Radiologists.


Inside Canada’s Largest Medical Imaging Department With Dr. Heidi Schmidt

Dr. Heidi Schmidt, Department Head and Program Medical director of the JDMI, the Joint Department of Medical Imaging in Toronto, talks about leading Canada’s largest medical imaging department with about 100 radiologists working under her leadership: a complex structure of her team, the effects of the pandemic, approach to talent recruitment and retention, the challenges Dr. Schmidt and her group has been facing and the unique initiatives taking place at University Medical Imaging Toronto.