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Faculty Development

The goal is to provide assistance and resources to help junior staff members to become established within the department, hospital and university.

Dr. Myles Margolis

Faculty Development, Activity Lead


Faculty Development is to help our new recruits get accustomed to working in our large multifaceted department, including through connecting them with senior faculty members for guidance and a more comfortable transition to academic practice.

Our Work

Starting in our Abdominal Division, we have organized a one-to-one mentorship program where every new team member is linked-up with a senior and more established staff member. They set up informal meetings to review the new hires’ progress, answer their questions, and provide guidance on how to navigate different aspects of our work.

The plan is to roll out similar mentorship roles in the other divisions as required.

Other Support

While we are trying to get all new hires up to speed, and help them adjust to the new environment, there exist a number of courses offered through the Department of Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto to further prepare fellows and new radiologists for successful careers in areas such as statistics, leadership training, etc.