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Information Technology

IT is central to everything we do in radiology. As the bridge between the radiologists and IT team, I help direct development of practical IT solutions that have direct clinical impact and benefit patients.”

Dr. Rajesh Bhayana

IT, Activity Lead


Radiologists are constantly interacting with technology to interpret medical imaging in a way that facilitates making important medical diagnoses. IT solutions also help radiologists direct and optimize image acquisition and processing.

The JDMI Informatics team manages, implements, and supports all Radiology IT systems used by the staff within the department across the three organizations (UHN, Sinai Health, and Women’s College Hospital).

The IT committee continues to work on developing our IT infrastructure. We work directly with our clinicians to curate specific radiological solutions to benefit patient care.

Key Technology

Our team is responsible for designing and developing the primary systems used for the diagnosis and reporting of imaging procedures: the RIS (Radiology Information System), and PACS (Picture Archive Communication System). The product line developed by JDMI Informatics is known as Coral RIS/PACS.

Coral is the common platform used by staff across all three hospitals to view and interact with medical images to make key medical diagnoses. It is designed to be customized to the unique needs of our radiologists and it integrates with several other third-party systems.

Coral facilitates reliable movement of clinical information in a timely manner. It allows us to communicate important clinical information to other physicians to determine the most appropriate course of treatment and provide the best care for our patients.

We are continuously improving Coral to support our growth and the need for specific software functionality.

The IT group works closely with our researchers to implement advanced technologies, such as radiomics analyses, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and advanced imaging technologies.