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Medical Imaging will advance in the next 10 years more than it did in the last 100 years. Sustainable innovation requires unrelenting innovation diffusion into our practice through early adoption and an appropriate value proposition.

Dr. Patrik Rogalla

Innovation, Activity Lead


Most academic institutions excel through research and invention but tend to fail with its implementation. The reasons are manifold and not specific to the healthcare sector, including organizational hierarchy, fear of failure, lack of resources, complex processes and standardization, working in siloes, number of meetings, requirements for approvals, and many more.

Exploiting existing capabilities for profit and exploring new opportunities for growth must go hand in hand and necessitates ambidextrous leadership through senior team integration, a common vision and shared values, and common senior team rewards.

Our lead’s goal is to support sustainable innovation within JDMI by creating an innovation pipeline with allocated human and financial resources, appropriate tools and metrics to measure success.

Current Projects

  • Self-navigating wheelchairs (collaboration with Cyberworks Robotics)
  • AI in chest X-ray for worklist prioritization (collaboration with Lunit)
  • AI-powered protocolling engine for imaging requests (partnership with Canon Medical Systems)
  • Thoracic Tomograms (internal development)
  • DELTA platform for immobile patients in TGH’s CT imaging suite (collaboration with Able Innovations)